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Though I do admit to a few tears on the US election day, NO, this article is most definitely not a political satire on the now President Elect, Donald Trump. To be ‘trumped’ is a term that refers to ‘being outsmarted’ or ‘out moved’. To ‘surpass (something) by saying or doing something better’.

Have you ever noticed that as Christians we seem to take great delight in sharing our visions and plans pretty much with anyone who will take a moment to listen. It is an inbuilt part of our culture to not only give ‘testimony’ of what God has done but also what God is about to do in our lives.

God gives us a thought, a vision, a plan and before we’ve given ourselves a moment – two weeks, two days or even two minutes, to pray about it and ponder on it we’re ready to run to social media, run to our good friends, run to the ministers fellowship and tell everyone everything!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Within hours of your great revelations you get 300 likes to your post and a string of ministers lining up to shake your hand, promising you their prayerful (and sometimes financial) support and for the first time in a long time you’re feeling like the ‘man’ of the hour! The one with the great plan and defined future. You are now God’s appointed and anointed… and in all honesty, it’s feeling soooo good.

You go to bed happy. Your sleep is peaceful and restful. You rise up early with a new purpose and focus in your morning devotions and after a few hours, you’re ready to start planning out what God has revealed to you. Then it happens. Your phone gives off that all too familiar bleep and you know, someone has just updated their Facebook status. You scoop up your mobile device, eagerly open the Facebook app – and there it is. Your minister colleague and your friend, sharing the exact same vision, the exact same plan that you had just shared with them just the day before. Except they have already put the leaflet together and whilst you slept have already made the plan!

You want to believe the best. So you read and re-read their post. You start questioning, did they really just take your idea or had God actually told both of you to do the exact same thing? Is this really their own original idea, or have you unwittingly been the brain child behind their new great plans?

Well, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter. Because with a deep sickening, sinking feeling you realise… you’ve just been trumped!
So how can we avoid being trumped? I think it’s quite simple really… hold the things that God has revealed to you until He has had time to develop the full vision in you. Wait on the Lord, make sure you fully understand what it is that He wants from you in service. Write down the vision, as the Lord instructs in Habakkuk 2: 2 but don’t use Facebook as your ‘tablet’ – write it first in your heart, then in your own private journal. And then, when the appointed time comes, everything will be revealed… even if it means waiting for a little while longer.

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