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Pastor Lawrence Onochie

A church leader wanted to learn how attentive his congregation was to his message of goodwill during Christmas.He dressed up as a beggar but got the shock of his life when no one in his congregation cared.

Lawrence Onochie, the Senior Pastor of The Kings heritage church, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria disguised himself as a beggar and he sat on the pew. No one recognised him, and no one paid much attention to him.

The church leader-in-disguise had arranged a call to be made at the altar that each attendee should invite someone they didn’t know in the church to spend Christmas with them! His members went around inviting others but no one came to “the beggar”, no one invited him to come and dine with them at home during Christmas.

The shocked clergy waited for an invitation in vain, thereafter, he walked to the altar, revealed himself and addressed the congregation.

His message was that we relate to those we feel are in the same social class with us and despise the needy and the hungry. We extend help only to those who already have. He reminded his congregation – that’s not what Christmas or Christianity is about. It is about caring for those in need, strangers, the despised.

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